Custom Requests

Spending time at the North Adams Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning has been really wonderful this summer. As we head into fall, there are only 3 left!

One of the things that has been great about these markets is getting to talk to people and hear what they’re looking for. I’ve made a number of custom aprons and potholders this season. And the latest editions on the custom front are adult bibs and an apron for use when dog training.

Adult Apron 1

Adult bib with front pockets made from water resistant fabric.

Adult Apron 2

Reverse of adult apron. I made it reversible because, well, why not? It’s like a 2 for 1, and who doesn’t love that!

Dog training apron 3

I made this half apron using the leg of a pair of jeans. I made the pockets from more denim rather than using the pockets from the jeans. The customer wanted bigger pockets for holding all those doggie treats!

Dog Training apron 2

The fabric has dog bones, little hearts and paw prints. I made this one reversible as well. Seems to be my thing! And there are 2 pockets on this side as well.

Dog Training apron 1

Here’s a half and half view. Cute! I hope she likes it.

Latest e-Reader Bags!


One of my latest medium e-Reader bags. This one is made of sturdy fabric and lines with an adorable pink/white check. There are 2 inside pockets and 2 outer pockets. The back pocket is extra padded to protect an eReader such as a Kindle or Nook


This e-Reader bag also sports polka dots but these are a little more random and varied. Same pockets as above, perfect for your small e-Reader. Take your books everywhere!


Below is a sampling of henna tattoos designed and applied by myself and my husband Vin. We are available for parties and small events as well as craft fairs and farmer’s markets.

flowerLarge Flower

flutterbyLarge Butterfly

foot flowerLarge Festival flower


foot paisleyLarge paisley


Michelle backCustom Angel Wings

Michelle shoulder Lotus flower

seahorseLarge Seahorse

shellLarge Custom Spiral Shell

20130712_193145Youth Leg at Eagle Street Beach party