WIP Wednesday: Almost Completed!

WIP Wednesday: Almost Completed!

A brand new website and new adventures! Welcome!

In October I received a stack of blocks made by my late mother-in-law Thelma. There were 44 Maple Leaf blocks in a variety of interesting prints.

leaf pile

I used all but 5 blocks, leaving out the “loudest” of the bunch. All the others were made with floral prints in much more muted tones.

layout 1

I experimented with quilting each block on its own, adding in sashing to connect the blocks and then quilting in the ditch to connect the backing.

Maple Leaf Quilt

I pieced a back with two additional blocks and a light floral print.


I think my M-I-L would like it and be proud that it was finished. All it needs is it’s binding which I have, a nice deep dark green. It will feel good to snuggle under it with my hubby.




Normal, All Squared Up!

Normal, All Squared Up!

The Hands Across the Valley Quilt Guild’s bi-annual quilt show  is fast approaching. I need to get my entry bound and ready for hanging.

Bubble quilting courtesy of Lenny from A Notion to Quilt.


Binding made from fabric designed by Amelia Caruso.


An Intentional Woman

My husband, an incredible talented artist and writer, has begun a series of drawings and paintings he has titled Intentional Women.

I took one of them and decided to try my hand at an art quilt. It’s not finished yet, but here is what I’ve done so far.

I began by enlarging the print of the drawing and making templates. I cut pieces out of different fabrics to make appliques.

Stella 5

All the pieces are individual, including the ear

Stella 3

Here she is appliqued onto her background. I embroidered her eyelashes, eyebrows and mouth/nose details.

Stella 2



Stella 4


Even closer…

Stella 1

I chose a teal backing fabric with a sort of thatched pattern.

I have to create her mantra and then I can get to quilting it!

Baby Gabriel’s New Quilt

I had the honor of creating a baby quilt for the newest member of the Best family. Our friends, far away in Georgia, welcomed their first son on 12/18/13 which was my husband’s birthday as well, albeit a little earlier!
Baby’s grandfather is not with us anymore so, a quick thinking new mama, sent me a big box of grandpa’s shirts to create with. Lots of seersucker and plaids to go with the nature theme of Gabriel’s first room.

I went with a disappearing four patch and tried to pair up the colors in contrasting ways so they’d stand out from each other. I made two quilts, one for Gabriel and one for his aunt. I backed them in soft brushed flannel. One in a soft blue and the other in a soft gray.


gray with blue backGray sashing with a soft blue back

blue with gray back Blue sashing with a soft gray back

full gray 2


full blue 2

close up knotTraditional knots for quilting


Sold My Floral Gardens Quilt

What an exceptional day at the Farmer’s Market here in North Adams. My lovely Floral Garden quilt, my husband’s favorite, found a new home with a lovely woman in Northampton MA!