Spending time at the North Adams Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning has been really wonderful this summer. As we head into fall, there are only 3 left!

One of the things that has been great about these markets is getting to talk to people and hear what they’re looking for. I’ve made a number of custom aprons and potholders this season. And the latest editions on the custom front are adult bibs and an apron for use when dog training.

Adult Apron 1

Adult bib with front pockets made from water resistant fabric.

Adult Apron 2

Reverse of adult apron. I made it reversible because, well, why not? It’s like a 2 for 1, and who doesn’t love that!

Dog training apron 3

I made this half apron using the leg of a pair of jeans. I made the pockets from more denim rather than using the pockets from the jeans. The customer wanted bigger pockets for holding all those doggie treats!

Dog Training apron 2

The fabric has dog bones, little hearts and paw prints. I made this one reversible as well. Seems to be my thing! And there are 2 pockets on this side as well.

Dog Training apron 1

Here’s a half and half view. Cute! I hope she likes it.