Zig this way or zag that way. Whatever way you choose, you'll do it in style wearing this reversible apron of bright zigs and zags, paired up with a rich teal tribal print.    ...

Sold My Floral Gardens Quilt

What an exceptional day at the Farmer's Market here in North Adams. My lovely Floral Garden quilt, my husband's favorite, found a new home with a lovely woman in Northampton MA!...

About Me

Hi. My name is Michelle. I am wife to an amazing man and mother to a big feline named Barnaby. I live in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts where the seasons display their beauty all year long. This is my place for all things creative. I share my own work. I quilt and make handbags, aprons, eye pillows, heat packs, you name it. I also share the work of countless other amazing artists who inspire me and whom I admire. Welcome!
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