Well, after receiving a bunch of brandy new jeans, I decided to try my hand at a bag. I liked the idea of turning the top half of the jeans into a tote of some kind.

So, I just winged it. Wung it? Hmmm.

Here’s what I came up with. If I had to do it again, and chances are I will, I do a few things differently.
1. I’d cut the belt loops off the top as they were a real pain to sew over and around.

2. I cut some of the material away from the button area before adding the lining since that too was very thick to sew around.

3. I’d add interfacing to the lining to give the bag more structure. It’s a bit on the floppy side.


I used a printed canvas fabric for the lining.


The denim has a cool marbled look.


It stands up on its own!


I added 2 inside pockets as well.

It’s cute and I’ll use it but I wouldn’t sell it like this. So, back to the design wall!